AquaCrylic was started back in 1987 as an acrylic aquarium manufacturer and wholesale distributor. Twenty-six years later, we still remain one of the largest manufacturers of Acrylic Aquariums in the Northeast US. AquaCrylic isn't just manufacturing, though. We design, build, install, and maintain projects that we do. If you have an idea for an aquarium that is unique and you want to see that aquarium come to life, then look no further, because we can do it! We have built aquariums from as small as 5 gallon pico cube tanks up to 650+ gallon monster tanks. We have designed aquariums that were desks, aquariums that are made to fit into custom stairwells, aquariums that are built into walls and tight spaces, bent front tanks, tube connected tanks, and much more. We can help you design something from the ground up, completely custom - right down to the filtration and lighting - and then make your idea a reality.
We have an unlimited ability to produce anything, and we pride ourselves on that. Custom acrylic parrot cage? Sure. Acrylic business card holders? Sure. Custom water and food bowls for your dogs or cats? Yes, we do that too! Literally anything can be built, and we're the ones to do it!
We have also been a wholesale distrubitor for over 20 years, bringing in the latest and greatest products in the fish keeping hobby. We are a distributor for
  • Algone
  • Fluval
  • Apollo Reef
  • Gulfstream Tropicals
  • AquaCrylic
  • Hikari
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
  • Hydor
  • API
  • Instant Ocean
  • AquaVitro
  • Jungle Labs
  • Aqueon
  • Kent Marine
  • ATI
  • Kessil
  • Avian Acrylic Masterpieces
  • KX Technologies
  • Boyd Enterprises
  • Maxspect USA
  • Brightwell Aquatics
  • New Life Spectrum
  • Commodity Axis
  • Omega One / Omega Sea
  • Coral RX
  • Python Products
  • Coralife
  • Red Sea
  • Current
  • Sicce USA
  • Deep Blue
  • Two Little Fishies
  • Ecotech Marine
  • Tetra
  • Eheim
  • Tunze
  • Eshopps
  • Wave Point