Acrylic Fabrication

At AquaCrylic, we specialize in the fine art of Acrylic Fabricatrion. Acrylic Fabrication takes many years of practice, patience, and the fabricators have to have a set skill level in order to be successful. Our Acrylic Fabricators have mastered these traits which allows them to work fast and allow for flawless production. Smooth, flame-polished edges, crystal clear seams, unrivaled quality, and the ability to make just about anything is what sets us apart from our competition. No matter what the project is, if you want it made, we can create it. With over 50 combined years of acrylic fabrication experience on hand, we can design aquairums that are as small as a few gallons all the way up to over 700 gallons! We also specialize in filtration. We can custom make any type of filtration setup you'd like. From reef-ready sumps to drop-in wet/dry trickle filters to built in pre-fab filters and DIY filter kits, we've got a solution for you. On top of all of this, we also have custom solid wood hand crafted stands and canopys which means that your custom acrylic aquarium will be set apart from the common pet store look. Our stands feature slow closing anti-slam doors, double openings for large sumps and plenty of access, made from solid wood, triple-lacquered finish to many custom colors so that the stands and canopys will look right at home with the rest of your cabinetry and furniture. Contact us for a quote today! Build time is quick, but depending on the size of the project, expect between 2 - 4 weeks.